Solutions for Grocery Retailers

We help grocery retailers digitize their flyers and acquire new customers

Grocery is the latest competitive landscape of eCommerce and digital innovation. Let help you navigate this challenging marketplace with our suite of digital marketing solutions for grocery retailers.

Transform your paper grocery flyer into
a digital grocery flyer quickly and easily.

Reach eager grocery shoppers in your
area and turn them into customers.

Share your In-Store Manager's Specials
with potential New Customers.

Deploy a fully customized Grocery Store
website and develop your Internet strategy.

Acquire New Customers and Grow your Business

Today's grocery consumers begin their shopping online to research products and prices. Reach millions of potential new customers with your grocery flyer and In-Store specials through our distribution network at and our Publishing Partners.

Reach motivated grocery shoppers in
your area seeking the products you sell.

Share your best "In-Store Manager's Specials"
with New Customers and watch your sales grow.

Reach your customers where they are:
On Web, Social, Mobile or their favourite
Phone App.

Get key insights and detailed reports on your
customer's engagement with your grocery
flyer specials.

Key Services for Grocery Retailers provides Grocery Retailers with a complete suite of digital marketing solutions to create, promote and grow their online visibility to acquire, retain and grow their customer base.

Digitize your
Grocery Flyer

Your customers are online, your flyer
should be too. Digitize your grocery
flyer quickly and easily.

Grocery Flyer Widget
for your Website

Already have a website? Great!
Deploy our Flyer Widget to add
digital flyer capability to your site.

In-Store Manager
Specials Distribution

Add your best In-Store Manager's
Specials and distribute these to
new customers online.

Digital Grocery
Flyer Distribution

Reach millions of potential new
customers with the SaleWhale
Publisher Network.


Get your own fully customized
responsive grocery website for
your grocery store.

Grocery Analytics
and Reporting

Gain a better understanding of
your customers and how they
engage with your grocery flyers.

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