Healthy "Butterfly" Snack for Kids

Total Time:

20 minutes(Preparation)

Healthy "Butterfly" Snack for Kids


1hot dog wiener


Boil eggs and cook hot dog wiener (boiling or on the barbecue.

Cut three slices of boiled egg, then cut one in half. Cut two slices of radish. Cut four slices of cucumber on an angle, and two small corners for the antennae.

Place the weiner in the centre of a plate, create the wings using the cucumber, with the two larger egg slices on the lower part of the wings and the two half-ovals and radishes on the higherer part of the wings. Squeeze a small bit of mayonnaise on the the lower part of the wing and garnish with a small leaf of parsley. Add two small dabs of mayo on the end of the weiner for eyes, and then use a knife to cut two small slits behind the eyes and gently place the cucumber in the slits.

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