Puppy Ham & Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Total Time:

10 minutes(Preparation)



Puppy Ham & Cheese Sandwich Recipe


2 slicesham
2 slicesbread
1 slicepepperoni
2 slicescheese
1 slicemozzarella or bocconcini
4olive slices


  1. Using two different size cups, or bowls, cut the slices of bread into circles (or you can use rice cakes for this!).
  2. Use the same two cups to cut the cheese into slices, the same size as the bread.
  3. Place the circles of cheese on the corresponding slices of bread, and place two bread slices with cheese on a plate, the smaller one overlapping the larger, below.
  4. Slice two small circles of mozzarella cheese for the eyes, and place two olive slices on top as irises.
  5. Cut one olive slice into three pieces, and use the remaining one for the nose and mouth.
  6. Cut the pepperoni into two pieces: one shaped like a bow, and the other as the tongue.
  7. Finally, fold the ham slices and place as ears.
  8. Serve with clementines for a complete after school snack for your kid!

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