Bagel Snake Snack Recipe

Total Time:

20 minutes(Preparation)



Bagel Snake Snack Recipe


3bagels, sliced in half
1hard boiled egg, cut into pieces
1ham slice
cheddar cheese, cut into pieces
1cherry tomato, halved
1/4 canflaked tuna
1 slicecucumber, cut into bits
corn kernels
mozzarella cheese, cut into pieces
2olive slices


Cut the bagels halves in half; on a tray or large plate, place the bagels in line, end to end to form the shape of a snake. Flip over the one on the end, as the head (you can also use a baguette for this).

Put the different toppings on each bagel:

1: hard boiled egg

2: roll the ham and cut into 5 pieces, then put on bagel

3: cheddar cheese slices topped with tomato

4: tuna with corn and cucumber

5: mozzarella with blueberries

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