Mouse Ice Cream Treats Recipe

Total Time:

5 minutes(Cooking)



Mouse Ice Cream Treats Recipe


1 scoopchocolate ice cream
2round wafer cookies
7chocolate covered pretzels
chocolate syrup


  1. If you do not have chocolat covered pretzels: Use a double boiler to heat milk or dark chocolate, or microwave it. Dip plain pretzels in the melted chocolate. Set aside to cool.
  2. Use an ice cream scoop to place a generous scoop of chocolate ice cream onto a dish
  3. Carefully place two Smarties of the same colour as the eyes. Squeeze a small bit of chocolate syrup onto each to make the irises.
  4. Stick one other colour in the center of the scoop as the nose. Carefully place 6 pretzels around the nose as whiskers.
  5. Use one pretzel to lie along the plate just barely stick into the scoop of ice cream, as the tail.
  6. Finally, gently push the two cookies into the top of the scoop, for the ears.


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