Halloween Monster Lunch Recipe

Total Time:

40 minutes(Cooking)



Halloween Monster Lunch Recipe

Your little one is sure to eat his lunch if it looks like this!


Pumpkin Face Sandwich:
1 slicebread (white or brown)
1 slicecheddar cheese
Banana Ghosts:
1banana, cut in two
4candy eyes
Monster Wraps:
1wrap sandwich, cut in two
4small circular slices of cucumber
4black olives, sliced
2red pepper strips
½ pieceslice cheddar cheese
Pumpkin Treats:
2clementines, peeled
2mini-cucumber strips


1) For the Pumpkin Face Sandwich: Cut 3 triangular shapes in the middle of the sliced cheese to form eyes and cut out a half moon shape for the mouth (if you want to get fancy, try to leave two squares in the smile to represent the teeth)

2) For the Banana Ghosts: place 2 candy eyes on each banana half

3) For the Monster Wraps:

a. For eyes, lay 2 small slices of cucumber on each wrap half and top each 

b. For the nose cut a triangular shape out of cheese lay below the eyes

c. For the hair, cut zigzag pieces out of the cheese, lay at the top of each wrap

d. For the mouth, lay a strip of red pepper below the nose

4) For the Pumpkin Treats: stick a cucumber strip out of the top of each clementine cucumber with a black olive slice

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