‘’Bloody’’ Yogurt Fruit Treat Recipe

Total Time:

10 minutes // freeze: overnight(Cooking)



‘’Bloody’’ Yogurt Fruit Treat Recipe

Treat your family to these scary yet delicious Halloween desserts


2 cupsvanilla yogurt (or* 2 pre-made mini-angel food cakes)
2 sliceskiwi
2chocolate balls (e.g. brown Smarties)
strawberry or raspberry coulis


1) Freeze 1 cup of vanilla yogurt in a flat mold over-night (a hamburger mold could also work)

2) For the ‘’blood’’, pour a bit of coulis on each plate and swirl the plate around in order to have a thin layer of coulis all over the plate

3) For the eye, lay the frozen yogurt circle on each plate, and layer first with the kiwi slice, then with the chocolate ball on top

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