Fun Animal Shaped Snack (Banana & Grapes) Recipe

Fun Animal Shaped Snack (Banana & Grapes) Recipe

Total Time:

15 minutes(Cooking)




15green grapes, cut in half
4red grapes


1) Cut banana into very thin slices

2) For the body of the sheep, place about 20 slices of bananas on top of one another in a circular format on each plate

3) For the head, slice a red grape in half and place each on top of the body on the right-hand side of the sheep

4) For ears, cut 4 little ovals made of red grapes and place them next to the head of each sheep

5) For the eyes and nose, use little circular pieces made out of bananas. If you want to get fancy, add a tiny circular piece of purple grape in each eye to represent the iris

6) For the legs, cut out 8 little rectangular shapes out of the red grapes and place 4 below each sheep

7) For the grass, place 15 half grapes below each sheep (slice side down)

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