The kids are going to love you for this one!

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Apple Monster Bites Recipe

Total Time:

30 minutes(Cooking)



Apple Monster Bites Recipe

The kids are going to love you for this one!


5strawberries sliced
~100sunflower seeds (no shell)
¼ cuppeanut butter
candy eyes


  1. Cut apples into thick slices
  2. Cut out middle of each apple slice
  3. Make approximately 9 little cuts in each apple (on top)
  4. For the teeth, insert sunflower seeds in each cut
  5. Spread peanut butter inside the apple slices (on bottom)
  6. For the tongue, add a slice of strawberry in center of each bottom
  7. Add peanut butter behind each candy eye and glue them on the top of each apple slice

Don't have candy eyes?

  1. Cut pieces of white bread in little circles and glue sliced blueberries in the center of each circle using peanut butter. Then use peanut butter to glue the bread to the apples.

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