Artichoke Piquillo and Olive Sandwich Recipe

Total Time:

15 minutes(Cooking)


4 sandwiches (16 pintxos)

Artichoke Piquillo and Olive Sandwich Recipe

Delicacy in a sandwich.


2 tbspArbequina olive oil
2 tspaged balsamic vinegar
12Brindisa Empeltre olives, pitted and very finely chopped
1 tspcapers, rinsed, drained and very finely chopped
1/2 tspCatalan oregano
pinchlemon zest
1/2 jarEl Navarrico artichokes, drained
1/2 jarEl Navarrico alubias beans, rinsed and drained
2 tsplemon juice
1/2 tspsea salt
4-5 grindsblack pepper
4Piquillo peppers, cut into strips
basil leaves to top
8 slicesfirm white bread such as ciabatta or sour dough, or 20 rounds of baguette for pintxos


  1. Whisk together the olive oil, vinegar, olives, capers, oregano and lemon zest, blending well.
  2. Cut half the artichokes into 1/6ths (top to bottom - through the base); coarsely chop the remaining artichokes.
  3. Mash the beans with the lemon juice, salt and pepper ; add the chopped artichokes and mix well.
  4. Build the sandwich
  •     black olive dressing
  •     bean and artichoke mixture
  •     artichokes pieces and pepper strips
  •     a layer of basil leaves
  •     a touch more dressing
  1. Press the top slice down well.

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