Pop-Up Sabra Super Bowl Platter

Total Time:

30 minutes(Preparation) / 45 minutes(Cooking)



Pop-Up Sabra Super Bowl Platter

Move over Nachos and Chicken Wings, this Sabra Super Bowl platter has a kick and will score many touch downs with all of your party guests. It’s fresh, vibrant and has many options for delicious dipping to satisfy. Make a statement with a football-shaped pumpernickel bread to support your main attraction and party dip. Contact your local grocery store bakery and pre-order your bread ahead of time. For simple assembly and grab-and-go on game day, prep your vegetables and ingredients the night before. Football-themed toothpicks and napkins for guests to pick up nibbles make for a fun and festive game-day look. Touchdown!


1283g Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus
1283g Sabra Classic Hummus
16-7 inch pumpernickel bread or any bread of your choice
2heirloom red peppers
8-10mini radishes, washed and stems trimmed
1 cupKumato tomatoes
8yellow cherry tomatoes
8red cherry tomatoes
24French beans, trimmed
4celery stalks, cut into 1-inch sticks
4mini cucumbers, quartered into wedges
4small kohlrabi, quartered and a few kept whole
1 cuppickled baby mushrooms
1 cupgherkin mini pickles
1 cupdill pickle chips
12spicy or mild pepperettes
1Beef Jerky
8small bocconcini cheese
½ cupold cheddar, in small cubes
½ cupsmoked white cheddar, in small cubes
1 cupdried figs
10-12artisan cracker crisps, rosemary and apricot or cranberry
10-12sesame or plain breadsticks
1 cupmarinated olives (see recipe below)


Marinated olives

1 cup mixed olives

4 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp red wine vinegar

½ tsp dry oregano


To make olives, place olives in a bowl and mix well with all ingredients. Place in a small mason jar or bowl and set aside.

Place pickles and mushrooms in separate small mason jars or bowls and set aside.

Cut a circle in the middle of the pumpernickel bread, large enough to fit the Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus container snug. Line the hole in the bread with organic parchment paper and place the hummus container in the centre, pushing it down to ensure its snug. With the leftover bread, cut into cubes and set aside to add on tray.

Using 8 wooden small skewers, thread one red cherry tomato, then one bocconcini and finish with a yellow cherry tomato. Repeat with remains 7 skewers and set aside.

Cut tops of peppers and clean out seeds. Fill peppers with the Sabra Classic Hummus and place pepper tops back on. Set aside.

On a large serving tray, about 14 x 20 inches, place football pumpernickel with hummus in the centre of the tray. Place small jars of olives, pickles and mushrooms around the tray. Arrange remain ingredients on tray ensuring you balancing the ingredients on each side for easy access to each ingredient for your guests.

Place Football toothpicks around the board for guests to use to pick up nibbles and serve with football napkins.

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