Crispy Vegetarian Tacos

Black beans mingle with onions and corn in the tasty filling for our Crispy Vegetarian Tacos recipe. Finish the tacos with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and shredded cheese. This meatless taco recipe combines a winning combination of flavours for a satisfying treat.

Total Time:

15 mins / Total: 29 mins


6 servings, 2 tacos (156 g) each


1 Tbsp.oil
1 Tbsp.Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing
1/2 cupchopped onion
1-1/2 cupsfrozen whole kernel corn
1 can(19 fl oz/540 mL) black beans, rinsed
12crispy taco shells
2 cupsshredded iceberg lettuce
1tomato, seeded, diced
2green onions, chopped
1 cupTouch of Philadelphia Shredded Creamy Mexicana Cheese, divided


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