Price Matching on now makes it fast, easy and convenient to Price Match at your favourite grocery store in 3 simple steps. Save 50% or more on your grocery shopping by Price Matching with!
  1. Select a Grocery Store:
  2. Choose the Retailer you want to shop at. This is the Retailer that will match the prices of their competitors. Salewhale automatically shows you all the Retailers that Price Match in your area.
    Select a Grocery Store
  3. Compare Prices on Salewhale
  4. On Salewhale you’ll find all the flyer specials from your selected Grocery Store and its competitors. Compare these prices and ‘Save the Sales’ for the products you wish to Price Match at the store.
    Save Sales
  5. Go Grocery Shopping
  6. Go shopping at your selected Grocery Store and show the list of Saved Sales in your Salewhale ‘Saved Sales’ list to the cashier. They will match these prices and lower the cost of your grocery bill.
    Start Saving