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No Frills Lower Food Prices

It all begins in 1978 in Toronto, a tough period of a rising inflation and No Frills was the first store to adopt the european model of promoting discount prices an outlet prototype. They promoted fresh produce at the lowest possible price whilst european store would offer only dry products for low prices. This strategy attracted loads of customers and they started to offer the “no name” brand with prices between 10 and 40 percent lower than the national brands. The sales exceeded all the projections and No Frills was quickly beginning a family favorite. The new model was possible because customers were required to pack their own groceries as well as bring their own shopping bags or pay three cents for each. In spite of all limitations such as selection and minimal customer service, No Frills was an instant hit from day one! On the opening day they had more shoppers than the store could handle. No Frills Coupons

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