It’s easy to save money in Toronto, just as long as you know how.

Like any major city, Toronto is an expensive place to be, whether you’re living there or just vacationing. However, like any major city, it can be easy to save money in Toronto, you just have to know how. If you’re currently sitting in the Six and wondering how on earth you’re going to be able to eat and pay rent this month, it’s your lucky day. We’re going to share with you all of our top tips for exactly how to save money in Toronto. By the time you finish reading this article you’ll be feeling better already.

Save Money in Toronto


Shop Around

If you’re trying to save money in Toronto, no matter what you’re shopping for, whether it’s cable, clothes or groceries, you should always shop around. If you’re too lazy and only buy everything from the first place you go-to of course you won’t get the best deals! Doing a little online research before hand and checking out a couple of stores before you buy can help you to save a ton of money no matter what you’re shopping for. If you want to shop around and compare prices on your groceries before you buy them, will let you view all of the weekly grocery flyers for your favourite grocery stores.


Park for Free

Parking in any city is extremely expensive, especially if you want to park overnight. However, luckily for those Toronto-dwellers trying to save money in Toronto, there are many places in Toronto that will allow you to park for free. There is even an interactive map which will show you where you can park for free overnight. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.


Buy Groceries on Sale

One of the easiest ways to save money in Toronto and any other city for that matter, is to buy everything you need on sale. It’s not always that easy to find the things you need on sale, exactly when you need them but, when it comes to groceries, it is. Whatever groceries you need, before you head out to the store, use to find your groceries on sale near you. Even by implementing just this easy habit into your routine, you’ll start saving money in no time.


Sell What You Don’t Need

We are all guilty of hoarding things we no longer need or use in closets and cupboards around our homes. Although this may not actually be a tip to SAVE money in Toronto, a great way to MAKE money in Toronto is by selling the stuff you no longer need. It’s now 2018 and luckily for us millennials, there exists a ton of great websites which will allow us to sell our old, useless items to people who want and need them. Next time you see that old pair of ice skates in the corner of your living room, don’t ignore them. Log onto Craigslist, or Kijiji or even Facebook and sell them to a better home (for a good price).


Use Public Transport

This may sound like the most obvious way to save money in a major city but there are so many people who still do not use public transport. It’s not a myth, using public transport actually is a really great way to save money in Toronto or in fact, ANYWHERE. The price of an annual metro pass is tiny fraction of the amount that you will spend on gas in a year, never mind paying for your car, it’s insurance and parking. Plus in the summer you can get a seasonal bike pass, or even walk instead which is great for your health as well as your wallet.



So many people sit at home wondering how to save money in Toronto, when all along the answer has been right in front of them. Like any city, Toronto has it’s more expensive neighbourhoods and within them, more expensive buildings and apartments. Have you ever considered that you could save yourself hundreds dollars a month just by simply moving? Moving to save money can mean so many different things. Moving into a shared apartment, moving further away from downtown or even moving closer to your job to save on commuting costs. Every case is different but if you want to save money in Toronto, maybe moving is something you should consider.


Buy Second Hand

Remember that ever growing pile of things in your apartment that you just don’t need and need to sell? Well the funny thing is, everyone else has one of those, too and you should be taking advantage of that. A great way to save money in Toronto is to buy things that you need second hand instead of brand new. There are so many great bargains floating around the internet just waiting to be found and you won’t believe the money you can save if you do. So, next time you need that new winter coat or an Apple TV, check second hand sites before you go and splash your cash.

How to Save Money in Toronto

See? We told you, it’s not hard to save money in Toronto once you know how. Whether you use all of these tips, or just a few you will see a huge difference in your bank balance next month. For more great money saving tips like these, to browse weekly grocery flyers and to find all of your groceries on sale near you, make sure to head to

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