Preparing the shopping list before going to buy the groceries.

If you found SaleWhale and are wondering what it actually does, you’ll be amazed with all the features it has. It can also help you save a lot of money on groceries. You can find all your favorite products and see when they are on sale. You can use your tablet, smartphone or computer to navigate it. So let’s take a look and see how to save 50% on your grocery bill using SaleWhale.


Browse Grocery Flyers

First things first, if you want to save 50% on your grocery bill, searching and curating the best offers is a must do. We help you with all the work and give you amazing tools to help you organize your list.

On the front page you will find Grocery Flyers Specials and the button to browse flyers. You can start by taking a look on all the Flyers Specials and see if they are interesting to you. Than, you can search for a specific product, just typing the product you’re looking for on Find a Grocery Product on Sale and all the available flyers and sales will appear on your screen. You can also look for flyers from your favorite stores by clicking on Browse Grocery Flyers


on the first page. When you do, you just have to select your favorite store and its location. The available sales and flyers will appear and you can choose the one you want. You can refine your search by clicking on the categories on Help us refine your search.


Save Sales and create a list

When you find an exciting offer or flyer you can save it so it won’t leave your sight. All the sales and flyers on SaleWhale website have an Add button you can click on.


This button saves all your sales on a list and you can see them at all times on all the devices you have available. On the front page you will find the Saved Sales button. There, you will be able to navigate and find all the sales you saved. Your list will be available for you at all times and you can add or remove sales from it whenever you want. This way you can really plan your purchases and save 50% on your grocery bill.


Create alerts and discover when products are on sale

Lastly, we can make sure you never forget or let an amazing offer pass you by. On the SaleWhale website and app you can create alerts to make sure you will never miss a good deal. You can even create a list of alerts and always be aware when a product you love comes on sale. On the front page you have a Create Alert button that will take you to the My Sales Alert page. On this page you can both create and Alert and see all the alerts you saved and see your whole list of alerts.


If SaleWhale don’t help you save 50% on your grocery bill, honestly, we don’t know what will. Make sure to go to SaleWhale today and start saving! Also, stay tuned and learn a whole lot about saving money.