Save money on grocery products with SaleWhale

You can save up to 70% on your grocery bill by searching Canadian weekly grocery flyers on Food expenditures account for 10% of Canadians’ total average expenditures. With such a large part of household budgets going toward groceries, and staple food prices threatening to increase, consumers must learn to curb their spending habits and save money on their everyday grocery purchases.

1. Browse weekly flyers and compare local grocery stores

Each week, grocery stores release flyers revealing what products are on special or deals being offered in store. Check out what’s available in your area; if they don’t have it at your usual food store, they might have it at another one nearby. This will help you find all the grocery products you need at the lowest price.

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2. Make a grocery list and stick to it while shopping

Impulse purchases are more likely to occur when you don’t know what you’re looking for, and last-minute runs to the corner store to pick up forgotten grocery items are inconvenient and more expensive. Planning your grocery shopping by keeping a running list of items you need on your refrigerator can save you time and money.

SaleWhale can help: SaleWhale will add all your items to a printer- and mobile-friendly grocery shopping list.


3. Buy your grocery products when they’re on special

Every week, you purchase milk, cereal, and carrots; make sure you buy these food items when they’re on sale. If they’re products that don’t spoil, consider stocking up on them when the deal is exceptional.

SaleWhale can help: add these favourite items to your grocery sales alerts list and get notified when there’s a deal found in grocery flyers near you.

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