How and where to do grocery price matching in Vancouver

Have you ever heard of the concept of grocery price matching? Well, if you haven’t, you’re really missing out on something great. Grocery price matching is a great way to save a ton of money on your groceries fast. Price matching is where a retailer agrees to match an advertised lower price for a certain product. Grocery price matching rules and the places that allow it vary from city to city. If you want to try Grocery price matching in Vancouver, here are all the places that will allow it.

Grocery Price Matching in Vancouver

How to Do It

Before you can try grocery price matching in Vancouver you need to know how. Luckily, the process is very simple. First, pick a location that allows grocery price Matching in Vancouver and look up their policy. Next, use SaleWhale to find the lowest price for your groceries. Then, when you get to the checkout tell them you’d like to price match and show them the lowest price and voila! you just saved a ton of money on your grocery bill.


Where to Do It

Now you know HOW to do grocery price matching in Vancouver but before you can save a ton of money, you need to know WHERE to do grocery price matching in Vancouver. Here’s a complete list of all the major grocery stores in Vancouver that will allow Price matching



Walmart prides themselves on their every day low prices and so, if you find a price that is lower than theirs, they will match it. They offer price matching both in-store and online. If you want to price match online, you submit a form through their website. For price matching in store, all you need to do is present proof of the lower price to your cashier at checkout and if approved they will match the lower price then and there.


Save on Foods

A great place to go if you want to do grocery price matching in Vancouver is Save on Foods because of their “always lowest guaranteed policy”. Not only will Save on Foods price match on any items if they are being sold for less by a competitor in their geographical trade area but, if they are one of the 850 most bought items you will receive that item for free. All you need to do is show proof of the lower price and Save on Foods will match that price or even better, give you the item for free. If that’s not a great grocery price matching policy, we don’t know what is.


No Frills

No Frills has a ‘won’t be beat’ policy. Which means that if you find a product advertised for a lower price by a major competitor in the geographical trade area, they will match the price. All you have to do is show an advertisement of the price, or a receipt with the lower price (within 7 days of the purchase) and they will match the price for you then and there.


London Drugs

If you try grocery price matching in Vancouver you won’t only save money on food but a ton of other groceries too including toiletries, cleaning products and more. London Drugs has a great price matching policy on all of their products except for prescriptions, photoLab, gift cards, tobacco and insurance products.  If you find an identical product advertised at a lower price London Drugs will match that price even up to 30 days after your purchase! The only downside to their policy is that price matching can only be applied to one customer per item per day.



Another one of your groceries that you can price match on is pet food and other pet products. PetSmart offers price matching on all of their products but not pets or services, both in-store and online. Pet Smart will price match any lower price providing that you have proof of the lower price and the product is in stock at their store.


Canadian Tire

Another great place to stop by if you want to start grocery price matching in Vancouver is Canadian Tire. Canadian Tire will match any local competitors price in-store retail price on an identical in-stock item. However, make sure to check your local Canadian tire first as not all Canadian Tire stores offer price matching.

Grocery Price Matching Vancouver
Now you know both how and where to do grocery price matching in Vancouver. All that’s left to do now is get price matching and start saving. For more information on grocery price matching check out our article ‘Price Matching on Groceries – How, Where and Why’.